Ground Mounted Solutions

tInstalling a ground-mounted solar system is a great way to harness the power of the sun and reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources. Ground-mounted solar systems consist of solar panels that are installed on a steel or aluminum frame that is anchored to the ground. In this article, we will discuss when it would be the right choice to install a ground-mounted solar system and the factors you need to consider when making this decision.

Why Install a Ground-Mounted Solar System?

  1. Insufficient roof space: If your roof is not suitable for solar panel installation, either due to shading or structural issues, a ground-mounted system may be a better option.
  2. Maximizing solar energy production: Ground-mounted solar systems can be oriented and angled in a way that maximizes solar energy production. This is especially beneficial for homes or buildings that have limited roof space or are shaded by nearby trees or buildings.
  3. Aesthetic preference: Some homeowners may prefer the look of a ground-mounted solar system over roof-mounted panels.

Factors to Consider

  1. Available space: Ground-mounted solar systems require more space than rooftop systems. You need to have enough open space to accommodate the size of the system you want to install. Ground-mounted panels may take up valuable space on a property, which could be a concern for homeowners or businesses with limited land.
  2. Orientation and tilt: To maximize energy production, ground-mounted systems need to be oriented and tilted towards the sun. The angle and direction of the panels will depend on the latitude and longitude of the installation site.
  3. Soil conditions: The ground-mounted system will need to be anchored to the ground. The type of soil and ground conditions will impact the installation process and cost.
  4. Local regulations: Before installing a ground-mounted solar system, it is important to check with your local authorities to ensure that you comply with any zoning, permitting, or building regulations.
  5. Installation cost: Ground-mounted solar systems are more expensive than rooftop systems due to the additional installation costs. However, the cost can be offset by the increased energy production and long-term energy savings.

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