A Free Energy Marketplace

Connect directly with selected solar, roofing, electrical, heat pump and insulation installers.

typical energy marketplace sells your information as leads dozens of times, then collects a “small fee” of hundreds of dollars per successful install—often running over $1,000 for larger homes or commercial work. Many also charge on-boarding fees.

You can’t choose who receives your information. Marketplaces don’t want you making direct contact before placing themselves in the middle. Family-run installers with good local reputations, and nonprofits focused on under-served populations, don’t usually buy leads.

EnergyScope.org chose installers in all 3,033 Counties across the fifty United States, giving preference when possible to those who are established, local, well-reviewed, certified with leading manufacturers, and perform their own work. Willingness to pay was immaterial—we are free.

Browse installers, then add selections to your Basket. At Checkout, detail your needs and hit “Send RFPs.” Your data goes only where you choose. Installers compete for your business without paying. No broker profits from your transition to clean energy. And you are in the driver’s seat from step one.

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